{106:23} «Those who descend to the sea in ships, making their livelihood in the great waters: {106:26} They ascend even to the heavens, and they descend even to the abyss. Their soul will waste away in distress. {106:27} They were troubled, and they moved like a drunkard, and all their wisdom was consumed.» Psalm 106

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Ship of Fools (Modern German: Das Narrenschiff, Latin: Stultifera Navis, original medieval German title: Daß Narrenschyff ad Narragoniam) is a book of satire published in 1494 in Basel, Switzerland, by Sebastian Brant, a conservative German theologian. Overview In a prologue, 112 brief satires, and an epilogue, all illustrated with woodcuts,[1] the book is notable for including the first commissioned work by the great Renaissance artist-engraver Albrecht Dürer. Brant here lashes with unsparing vigour the weaknesses and vices of his time. Here he conceives Saint Grobian, whom he imagines to be the patron saint of vulgar and coarse people.

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